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세계를 주도하는 고가용성 16G Fibre 채널 SAN

최첨단 16G Fibre 채널 SAN 시스템이 상용화 되었습니다. 인텔 아톰 SOC를 채용하는 세계 최초의 SAN 솔루션으로, AegisSAN Q500-F30은 기업과 SMB에 대한 대역폭 및 성능을 두 배로 두 개의 16G FC 포트, 2 개의 개의 1GbE iSCSI 포트와 한 개의 1GbE 관리 포트를 갖추고 있습니다.

  • 컨트롤러당 16G Fibre 채널 (FC) 2개 & 1GbE iSCSI 포트 2개
  • 고가용성을 위한 듀얼 액티브 컨트롤러
  • 완벽한 이중화 & 핫스왑 모듈
  • 멀티패스 & 로드밸런싱 기능
  • 자체 개발한 fcQiSOE 하드웨어 FC 오프로드 엔진 사용
  • 데이터 보호와 쉬운관리를 위한 USB LCM
  • 80 플러스 골드 에너지효율적인 전원 공급 장치
  • 낮은 소비전력 프로세서 채택
  • VMware VAAI, Citrix, Hyper-V 지원
  • 다이나믹한 용량 할당을 가능하게 하는 Thin Provisioning
  • 폼팩터: 4U24, 3U16, 2U12

  • The SAN Solution to Deliver the Best Price-Performance Value for Budget-constrained Enterprise & SMB
    AegisSAN Q500-F21 is the cutting-edge storage system designed to help users do more with less with the top-notch hardware configurations, dual active controllers, fully modular components as well as the state-of-the-art software functions.
    The Hardware Overview
    Best Choice AwardForm factor: 4U 24-Bay / 3U 16-Bay / 2U 12-Bay, 19" rackmount
    Best Choice AwardFront-end: 8Gb Fibre Channel x4 + 1GbE iSCSI x2 ports per controller
    Best Choice AwardBackend: 6Gb/s SAS/SATA/SSD
    Best Choice AwardProcessor: Intel Briarwood SOC
    Best Choice AwardMemory: 4GB, up to 8GB per controller
    Fibre Channel Interface
    The frame-lossless characteristics of Fibre Channel and multi paths as well as load balance features enable AegisSAN Q500FC series to deliver outstanding performance and satisfactorily handle demanding transactional workloads without worries of packet loss and single point of failure. The disk array offers a robust storage environment for the running services.
    High Availability
    The dual active controllers plus fully redundant and hot-swappable designs make AegisSAN Q500 series system a highly available system. It offers multiple paths and load balancing features such as MPIO, MC/S, Trunking, and LACP to better ensure the reliability.
    Green Designs
    AegisSAN Q500 disk array adopts Intel's latest low-power SOC and it's the world's first Atom-based SAN solution with outstanding energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. This platform includes key features such as error code correction, 64-bit support and virtualization technologies.
    In addition, AegisSAN Q500 system is equipped with 80 Plus Gold power supplies to achieve 90% energy efficiency as well as peak reduction and improved power quality.
    The auto disk spin down function enables the system to reduce power consumption of hard drives which account for the most electricity in the storage system.
    Enhanced Data Security
    The innovated USB LCM allows AegisSAN Q500 storage to avoid data leakage in data centers, lower TCO and enhance the manageability for IT administrators. This series includes QSnap for writeable snapshot and QReplica for remote replication to maximize customers' return on investment. The battery backup module keeps cache data safe in the event of power outage.
    Great Performance& Efficiency
    The proprietary fcQiSOE (Qsan hardware FC offload engine) boosts the IOPS performance three times faster. The outstanding designs of the controllers make AegisSAN Q500 series system provide great performance for business critical applications. The hardware RAID makes the reliability better and volume robust.
    The ultra high density storage system features QThin, the thin provisioning function to provide more physical resources than actually available capacity so that IT administrators can avoid allocated but unused storage and purchase only the disk capacity they actually need to significantly raise storage utilization and to save cost.
    AegisSAN Q500 series supports VMware vSphere 5 VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration), Citrix and Hyper-V for highly virtualized environments. With VAAI certification, the disk array can offload server and network loading, speed up provisioning of new virtual machines and increase VM density.
    Software Value Add-ons
    AegisSAN Q500 series system offers top-notch functions including QSnap (copy-on-write snapshot), volume cloning, QReplica (remote replication), Windows VSS, N-way mirror and so on for well-rounded data protection.


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